A) Love the retreat idea. If you do it, I'm in. 1000%. I know some other people who would also jump.

B) I've thought about the show vs book thing before. I don't write for profit, but it's still an interesting difference (re-reads earn no profit unless they buy a second copy, which why would they do that?)—especially considering how long it takes to make the content, not to mention the energy. The expectations put on us are often different as well. Could this be a Times essay in the making? Should you blow people's minds? Perhaps, Mark, perhaps.

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"We release a thing once, and then we’re not allowed to revisit it." Yes! More rules to break. Though Tom Wolfe changed "Bonfire of the Vanities" quite a bit from the serialized version in Rolling Stone (happened to read that bit of trivia just the other day).

I love the idea of a book that contains only revisions and remixes of a single story. Like some elaborate game of Telephone. Would we recognize the connection between the last story and the first? It'd be some weird post-modern version of the serial. Hmmm. It might be the Halloween whiskey talking, but I'm starting to think that this might be something I pursue in Hyperjabber. Thanks for the idea!

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